Benita Nathan

Benita Nathan
The opportunity to further her understanding of ECE while working full-time led Benita Nathan to study with NZTC India.

Benita Nathan

Name: Benita Nathan
NZTC Qualification: Certificate in Early Childhood Education (Level 5)

What were you doing before you began studying with NZTC?
I have been in the education sector for 20 years, of which 17 have been in early childhood education. I completed my Nursery Teacher Training and gained Child Development Associate (CDA) credentials from the Council for Professional Recognition in Washington, USA. I am currently the senior operations manager at Bright Horizons Child Care Services, based in Bengaluru, and oversee two clients’ centres for the company.

What inspired you to pursue your early childhood education studies with NZTC?
I have always felt that the quality and content of early childhood education qualifications in India are not great, and wanted a course that would really help me with understanding early childhood education theories and terminologies.

What was the biggest challenge you faced during your studies?
Making the time to complete the reading and research while working full-time was quite a challenge for me.

How did you find studying online?
I find it’s the best option for me as I can study whenever I get the time – which is sometimes in the middle of the night. The assignments made me think, go back to the readings to analyse the content, question the norms and then draw a conclusion, thereby embedding the learning firmly in my mind.

Which courses did you enjoy the most?
I found each course very valuable. Connecting what I knew to the theories was very interesting for me; understanding the why and how of these topics made the learning complete and wholesome. The course on Positive Child Guidance was a good one for me as I could relate to it easily.

How has the NZTC qualification benefited you in your current role?
It definitely helps me in guiding my team and sharing with them the importance of having a good qualification in early childhood education.