Amita Jadhav

Amita Jadhav
Since completing her New Zealand Tertiary College India qualification, Amita Jadhav has set up a preschool teacher training program to empower women.

Amita Jadhav
Amita Jadhav

Name: Amita Jadhav
NZTC Qualification: Certificate in Early Childhood Education (Level 5)

How has your certificate in early childhood education helped you in founding a preschool teacher training program?
I have used my early childhood certificate to devise an indigenous training program aimed at providing skills to practitioners and providers of early childhood education. For the past three years, I have been running the program and empowering women in the field. The program is targeted towards aspiring preschool teachers, existing preschool teachers, mothers of young children in nuclear families and women entrepreneurs who would like to set-up their own preschool. I have trained 25 preschool teachers to date and currently have four aspiring teachers who are undergoing training.

How did you find studying through NZTC’s online learning environment NZTC Online?
Studying through NZTC Online was challenging as it was altogether a new experience and I wasn’t computer savvy then. I found it to be a stimulating learning experience. Most of my friends are apprehensive of taking up studying in any format but I think the NZTC Online study mode was exciting and uplifting. I enhanced my reading and learning skills and my retention powers grew exponentially – notwithstanding the fact that I was probably the oldest student on board then!

What challenges did you face while studying online?
I lived in a city where power outages were frequent a few years ago. The constant problem of poor internet connectivity initially gave me many anxious moments in my online study until I bought a Net Setter (GPRS mobile internet). I would download all the study material and then work on the assignments as and when my domestic and work schedule permitted me.

How did the India office support you in your studies?
The India office support staff was always available and approachable. I was in contact by telephone due to the distance but this in no way hindered the communication. The clarifications were very succinct and problems were resolved promptly.

Is there any particular course that stood out within your qualification?
I liked most of the modules especially the one on ‘Play as a Framework of Learning’ because it threw up new insights. The readings opposed what is happening in most early childhood centres in India where the stress is largely on academics. It was a real eye opener.

Why did you choose to study at NZTC?
I was looking for an early childhood education provider with international accreditation and NZTC’s pricing was really attractive and affordable. The flexible study options and having an Indian office were strong selling points.